Welcome class of 2017!

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Welcome PCP4004 students 2016-2017!

I am excited that your Consumer Psychology:Theory journey is about to begin. To the right, you will find your own blog linked to the 1. PCP4004 2016-2017 blogroll. Below that blogroll, you will find an amazing body of work from previous students. Feel free to browse to give you an insight into what other students created, BUT do remember that your blog should be based on your own inspiration.

I look forward to reading about your consumer psychology insights this year!

All the best, Caroline

Welcome Class of 2015-2016!

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Hi MSc & MA students!,

I am so looking forward to the new semester starting, and really excited about meeting you all in class on Tuesday September 29th.

This year’s blog-roll can be found to the right, labelled as 1. PCP4004 2015-2016. Your own blog links will eventually appear in this list.

Below the 2015-2016 blog-roll, there is an amazing body of work from previous MSc/MA and undergraduate students, so get reading!

Remember, these blogs have been designed to capture YOUR insights about the science of consumer psychology, so no copying allowed 🙂

See you soon, Caroline

Welcome PCP3005 students!

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Hi PCP3005, ASB3115 & all other students studying with Prof. Intriligator this semester,

I’m really looking forward to reading your blogs. Good luck!

Happy blogging, Caroline

2013-2014 is going to be the best year for consumer science!

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Hi PCP4004 2013-2014,

I can’t wait to start reading your blogs! We have an exciting semester ahead of us, in which I look forward to learning from you, and getting to understand the issues from within consumer science that you are passionate about.

Here’s to the best year yet!


A new year has begun!

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Hi PCP4004 2012-2013,

Here’s to an interesting and insightful semester of consumer psychology blogging. I am very much looking forward to reading your blogs as the semester progresses.

Good luck! Caroline

An impressive outcome!!

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A HUGE congratulations to everyone in PCP4004-2012 for submitting such amusing, thought-provoking, interesting, and effortful blogs. I remain highly impressed and feel that next year’s class have a very hard act to follow.

Well done! Caroline

We’ve made it past halfway!

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Hi PCP4004 bloggers,

So, we’ve made it to the halfway point in the blogging assessment! The quality of blog entries & comments remains high, so do keep the momentum going for the remaining few weeks.

Remember to read the blogging feedback (on Blackboard), and please, please, please, consider my aching brain and review this.

Happy blogging! Caroline